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Colorado Voter Q & A from CCDC

As we get closer to the November election, questions about the process increase. We have a Q & A for you that may answer many of them.

Just a reminder: Colorado is a vote by mail state. This means you will receive your ballot in the mail and you can return it by mail, or drop your ballot off at a dropbox (secured and monitored by camera.)

You may have been hearing a lot in the media and from the White House about voter fraud surrounding mail-in ballots.  A study of the 2016 presidential election conducted by the Colorado secretary of state’s office uncovered 112 total instances of possible improper voting during the 2014 contest.  To put that in perspective, that is 112 out of 2.9 million voters or less than 0.004%!

You can ensure your vote counts but checking your voter registration status at the secretary of state website, and then return your ballot with enough time if you mail it or better still, drop it off at a voter dropbox. You can even check the status of the ballot you mailed in or dropped off. Just make sure your voice is heard.

Voting Q & A

All I am hearing about is the coming election. Does my vote even count?

Your vote does count! Recent elections across our country have been won or lost by a few hundred or thousand votes. Coloradoans will be voting for the President and who will represent us in the Senate. The President appoints and the Senate confirms judges that decide important civil rights cases and will determine the future of the ADA. They also decide who will run important agencies like Health and Human Services, Social Security, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development that make rules that affect us. We will also be voting on important ballot measures that affect our daily life in Colorado.

I don’t know how to vote?

If you do not know how to vote the Secretary of State Website has a lot of great information including information for people with disabilities. If you cannot understand it call CCDC or any disability advocacy organization for assistance.

I do not know who to vote for?

As a non-profit organization, CCDC can not tell people to vote for or against candidates. One suggestion is to make a list of the services you use and then go to the candidate website and see if they are willing to fund the services. Do you use the Division of Rehabilitation (DVR), Medicaid (CDASS, Waivers, Homemaker Services), Special Education, public transportation? In early October, we will have a voter guide to explain ballot measures which will impact benefits and services for people with disabilities. We can suggest that people vote or against ballot measures. You make the final decision!

When will I receive my ballot?

Ballots will be mailed beginning October 9. It may take up to a week to receive your ballots.

I am nervous about mailing my ballot in. Are there other ways for me to vote or return my ballot?

In Colorado, we have several ways to vote. A person can vote in person at a voting service center, mail a ballot in, or drop their ballot off at a dropbox which all have cameras. CCDC is encouraging our members to vote early and drop them off at a drop box. If you are unable to drop your ballot off, you can have an aide or friend drop it off. Anyone can drop off 9 ballots and their own per election. You may be able to drop off another person’s ballot. There is a number on each ballot envelope that you can use to make sure your ballot is counted. will tell you where the nearest voter service center location is and dropbox. Remember each Coloradoan can vote only 1 time so make sure your voice is counted.

I do not know if I’m registered to vote.

You can find out here: Find my Registration and if you are not registered or your registration is not correct you can Register to Vote.

I have a guardian, can I vote?

Yes, Here in Colorado individuals who have a guardian can vote.

When is the last day I can register to vote?

People can register to vote and vote on election day until 7 pm (Tuesday, November 3rd) when the polls close.

I use special equipment to type or correspond.

Colorado law has provisions to help you vote in private if you want to. Go to Accessible Voting for information.

When are ballots due?

ALL ballots must be in by 7 pm on Tuesday, November 3. This means they must be in, not postmarked. So if you mail your ballot, mail it at least ten days before 11/3 (or on 10/24).

I have another question.

Call Dawn Howard, Director of Community Organizing, at 303-531-7333


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