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Press Releases

  • Felony Assault Bill Fact Sheet (2/1/2023) - Colorado healthcare workers have worked hard throughout the pandemic to care for the sick and keep our communities healthy, often risking their own well-being in the process. Without question, these workers are deserving of dignity, respect, and safety on the job. Policies that increase criminal penalties when a healthcare worker is assaulted may be well-intentioned, but fail to prevent violence against healthcare workers and have the unintended consequence of causing further harm to vulnerable populations in need of treatment and care in the process. That includes people with behavioral health issues, people with disabilities, and people with conditions like epilepsy, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, and other conditions that impact the brain. Increasing criminal penalties for assault has no…
  • Guía de Votación 2020 –CCDC (10/2/2020) - INTRODUCCIÓN   Las personas con discapacidad (PWD por sus siglas en Inglés) somos votantes importantes. Nuestros votos ayudan a decidir asuntos vitales como la “Ley de los Americanos con Discapacidades” (Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA), atención médica, incluyendo Medicaid, para mencionar algunas cosas.  En las elecciones del 2020 las PWD tendremos que elegir entre candidatos para Presidente y decidir sobre temas como por ejemplo asegurar que Colorado tenga suficientes fondos para programas de servicio comunitario.  Las personas con discapacidades deberíamos tratar de responder todas las preguntas en la boleta.  Esperamos que la presente guía ayude a las personas con discapacidades, a planear cómo van a votar y a devolver sus boletas.  Si tiene más preguntas acerca de las votaciones visite…
  • Ballot Guide 2020 –CCDC (10/2/2020) - INTRODUCTION People with Disabilities (PWD) are important voters. Our votes help decide vital things like the future of the Americans with Disabilities Act and healthcare, including Medicaid—to name just a few things. In the 2020 election, PWD will be asked to vote on candidates like the President and to decide issues like making sure Colorado has enough money to fund programs like community services. PWD should try to answer all of the questions on their ballot. We hope this guide will help PWD make a plan on how they are going to vote and return their ballot. If you have more questions about voting, visit the Just Vote Colorado website or call their hotline at 1-866-687-8683. Just Vote Colorado is…
  • Media Release for Kolbe v. Endocrine Services, 17-cv-1871-RM-SKC (8/9/2020) - See Second Lawsuit Filed Against Facility Recently for Not Allowing Service Animals. This Media Release was sent when the lawsuit was filed. Additional Media Coverage can be found in the cases file for Kolbe v. Endocrine Services, 17-cv-1871-RM-SKC.
  • CCDC Statement on Masks and the Americans with Disabilities Act (5/26/2020) - For Immediate Release May 27, 2020:  DENVER, Colorado—The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) is Colorado’s largest statewide, disability-led, disability rights organization. CCDC advocates for social justice on behalf of people with all types of disabilities (cross-disability). This Statement is made jointly by CCDC’s Executive Director, CCDC’s staff, and CCDC’s Civil Rights Legal Program. This Statement is not intended to be construed as legal advice. As set forth below, all information regarding how to proceed under the circumstances is made available by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). CCDC was founded 30 years ago to make sure that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became real in Colorado. To that end, we have been involved in both education and enforcement regarding…
  • Letter to the Governor, RE: Survival of People with Disabilities during COVID-19 Pandemic (3/31/2020) - Read our letter crafted by our Executive Director and several partner organizations to Governor Polis regarding the Survival of People with Disabilities during COVID-19 Pandemic. Download the fully accessible PDF Version     1385 S. Colorado Blvd., #610-A Denver, CO 80222 303-839-1775 Julie Reiskin Executive Director 720.961.4261 (Direct) 303.648.6262 (Fax) March 25, 2020, via Electronic Mail The Honorable Jared Polis Colorado State Capitol 200 East Colfax Room 136 Denver, CO 80203 Re: Survival of People with Disabilities during COVID-19 Pandemic Dear Governor Polis, We want to start this letter by thanking you for your extraordinary leadership during this crisis. Unlike our peers in other states, we are being included in policy decisions and working closely with members of your…
  • Denver Police Apparently Don’t Think Accessible Parking Laws Apply to Them (3/5/2020) - On February 24, 2020, at the office building of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (“CCDC), Colorado’s only statewide organization run by and for people with disabilities, including its Civil Rights Legal Program, a Denver Police Department vehicle parked illegally in an access aisle. CCDC is located at Empire Park at 1385 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, Colorado. Kevin Williams who is an attorney and who uses a wheelchair and drives the blue van with a side-loading wheelchair ramp that is pictured above has practiced in the area of civil rights law for people with disabilities for 22 years. The Current Cases and Past Cases that have been brought by the Civil Rights Legal Program during this time can be found on CCDC’s website.…

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