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CCDC’s Training Program


Many of you have asked when our advocacy training will begin again.  Well, we are ready to launch the new (and improved) advocacy training program.  The Coronavirus has changed and will continue to change our world. More people are developing disabilities due to the “Long-hauler” consequences of this virus, which means more people are advocating for themselves and their loved ones. To meet this need, we created a three-tiered training program:

Tier One: Basic Advocacy Skills Course
Tier Two: Topic-Specific Workshops
Tier Three: Custom Designed Workshops (fee-based)


Each of the tiers is explained below. However, registration is now open for the Tier One class: Basic Advocacy Skills Course. Click here to register.

Tier 1 Training: Basic Advocacy Skills Course 

A Quick Look:
  • Open to all members of CCDC at no charge (Yep – Free!)
  • Thursdays from 9 am-Noon for 3 hours
  • Weekly sessions from March 4th to April 1st
  • Registration is open for this session. Click here to register
  • Some fieldwork/self-study is expected (1 – 2 hours per week)
  • Perfect for anyone looking to learn more about:
    • Advocacy and Activism
    • The History of the Disability Civil Rights Movement
    • Building Strenght in Numbers
    • Defining Disability  and Embracing Disability Pride
    • Advocacy Skills to Make Your Case
    • Disability Rights Laws and Impact
    • Legislation and Civics 101 
  • This tier is intended for individuals, families, and caregivers with a disability or a family member with a disability
  • This tier should not be considered for professional development
  • Specialized content designed to meet the needs of new advocates AND updated information relevant to our changing society
  • Q & A sessions with people who have lived experience in the disability advocacy field
  • Virtual instructor-led sessions to keep you safe from Covid-19 and still provide the benefits of classroom interactions
  • Virtual sessions via Zoom with additional content provided on Canvas
  • Register for the zoom sessions here. Once your registration is approved, you will be given access to Canvas for the additional content
  • One three-hour session per week for five weeks
  • March 4th through April 1st
  • 9 am-Noon
  • It is absolutely FREE to all CCDC Members
  • Yep! FREE, so all you have to do is register

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Tier Two: Topic-Specific Workshops

A Quick Look:
  • Workshops offering a deep-dive into specific topics 
  • Single topic workshops to allow in-depth study
  • Open to all members of CCDC at no charge (Yep – Free!)
  • Designed for individuals, families, and caregivers with a disability or a family member with a disability (This course should not be considered as professional development)
  • Beginning in April (dates TBD)
  • Six hours of training divided into two three-hour days 
  • Workshops will discuss the structure and specifics of each topic and offer suggestions on how best to affect change through advocacy
  • Topics being considered:
    • Fair Housing and Housing Access
    • Medicaid Structure, Waivers, and Eligibility
    • Benefit Appeals
    • Transportation Options for People with Disabilities
    • Governmental Structure and Your Role In Change
    • The ADA and Reasonable Accommodation
    • Employment Laws, Benefits, and Accommodations (for employees)
    • Other timely and critical topics
    • We will consider your topic suggestions as well

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Tier Three: Custom Designed (fee-based) Workshops

This is the first time CCDC is making custom workshops a part of our overall training program!

CCDC has begun offering customized training for businesses and organizations. This past year our Disability Cultural Competency Training for Physicians and Other Medical Professionals received CME accreditation to offer 1.5 credits to all participants. We also created an Introduction to Disability for Case Managers for one of the Colorado state agencies.

As a business or agency, you most likely are finding an ever-growing population of employees, clients, and personnel with disabilities. Here is the opportunity to have a custom-designed training program built to meet your group or organization’s professional needs.

And who better to create your training program than the organization run primarily by people with disabilities?

We offer options such as asynchronous, instructor-led, or train-the-trainer programs. If you are interested in discussing options for your organization,  contact Angela Nevin, CCDC Director of Training, at

Together we can create the perfect training program within your budget to meet your needs.

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