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Category: Job Opportunities

Bilingual Advocate and Spanish Facilitator for Regional Medicaid Client Council

Job Title: Bilingual Advocate and Spanish Facilitator for Regional Medicaid Client Council
Reports To: Director of Medicaid Appeals and Eligibility
Hours: 25 hours a week
Location: Western Slope, Colorado

Colorado Cross Disability Coalition (CCDC) is a non-partisan non-profit organization that advocates for social justice for people with all different types of disabilities. We are run by and for people with disabilities. Cross Disability means that people with different types of disabilities have more in common than not and that we work together on areas of common concern. We
work on issues determined to be most important by our members and use a variety of strategies to make systemic change. Strategies include community organizing, changing laws and rules, developing programs, community education and litigation. At the heart of our work is individual advocacy. We assist individuals with day-to-day problems to understand what is and not
working on the ground so our systems changes are informed by real-life experience. Individual advocacy is also a lifeline for our members.

Position Overview:
CCDC is looking for a caring, detail-oriented, and talented individual to join our individual advocacy team. This position will be responsible for providing individual advocacy which includes assisting people with resolving problems related to Medicaid, and providing information and referrals about other services to CCDC’s Spanish-speaking members on Colorado’s Western Slope and will also facilitate the Western Slopes Medicaid Client Council.

Facilitation Duties and Responsibilities:
1) Conduct outreach and find a group of Medicaid clients to join the group.
2) Create an orientation for the group that includes an overview of the Accountable Care Collaborative, an overview of the Medicaid state plan and behavioral health benefits, information about working together as a group, what other advisory groups have done, setting group norms, and agreements.
3) Establish a schedule for meetings, including meeting frequency and location for meetings and whether or not the meetings will be in person or virtual..
4) Plan each meeting, including arranging for food for the meetings, ensuring that the space is accessible and we are providing all requested accommodations (including international sign if requested). Work with CCDC staff to arrange for travel reimbursement.
5) Facilitate group creation of each meeting’s agenda and undertake the planning necessary for securing speakers.
6) Take notes at each meeting
7) Attend quarterly PIAC meetings (either in GJ or virtual)
8) Coordinate with appropriate CCDC staff and funding partners to provide updates, collaboratively problem solve, etc.

Advocacy Duties and Responsibilities:
1) Assist Spanish-speaking clients with the Medicaid approval process, including paperwork, answering questions about the process, and providing referrals when necessary.
2) Assist Spanish-speaking clients with Medicaid eligibility appeals, including paperwork, answering questions about the process, and providing referrals when necessary.
3) Communicate with state and local agencies on behalf of clients when necessary
4) Attend individual advocacy team meetings Mon-Thurs mornings to stay up to date on changes in rules, policies and procedures to ensure accurate information is being relayed to clients and the community.
5) Attend meetings such as case management interviews, service planning meetings, and care
coordination meetings with and for clients with complex needs.
6) Assure all information is loaded into our client case management system (Legal Server)


Necessary Skills and Experience:
● Spoken and written fluency in Spanish and English
● Strong people skills and ability to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and with different kinds of disabilities
● Desire to connect people with the services they need and help enact systemic change
● Ability to run meetings in a way that allows people to participate at their comfort level
● Strong understanding of group dynamics
● Prior experience with and/or knowledge of Medicaid
● Ability to answer questions and/or to accurately track Medicaid related questions, get answers to questions quickly and get back to people
● Strong organizational skills to manage the details of the meetings, agenda planning, etc.
● Ability to document the activities in meetings and interactions with clients
● Experience in community engagement and outreach. We are looking for someone who knows the community and has the ability to build and maintain trust within the community.
● Ability to take individual stories and explain/demonstrate how they relate to systemic problems and systemic changes that need to be made
● Ability to support members developing pride in the sharing of their lived experience to make the experience better for everyone
● Ability to use the Google Suite and all Office products as well as ability to use a client case management system (training will be provided but must have underlying skills).
● Ability to manage time and prioritize multiple communications.

Salary and Compensation:
This is a temporary part-time position that may require some weekend and evening work. There may be an opportunity for the position to become permanent if funding allows. This position will be based on the Western Slope and will require 25 hours of work per week. Salary is $35,000 annually.

To Apply:
Please send a cover letter and resume to Hillary Jorgensen at No phone calls, please.

CCDC is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity in any term, condition or privilege of employment. CCDC does not discriminate in employment or advancement opportunities on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation (including gender identity and gender expression), disability or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. Reasonable accommodations during the application process and throughout employment are provided.

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