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Petsmart, Inc.



NFB, et al v. PetSmart, Inc. , 1:15-cv-00839


PetSmart, which bills itself the nation’s largest seller of pet food, pet supplies, and pet services, violates the rights of blind customers by not providing accessible point-of-sale devices. This prevents blind customers from entering their debit card PIN numbers without compromising their own security.


A Complaint, which is included in the case documents, was filed against PetSmart on April 21, 2015. The CCDC Legal Program joins The Martinez Law Group, P. C. and Counsel for the National Federation of the Blind in representing the plaintiffs in this case.

Defendant Petsmart, Inc. has filed several Motions for extension of time to answer the Complaint. On October 21, it filed a Motion to Stay Discovery and Vacate the Scheduling Conference. The judge granted the motion the following day. Both the motion and order are posted below.

Defendant filed on November 5 a Partial Motion to Dismiss and a Motion to Strike Class Allegations and Memorandum of Law. Those documents are posted below. Plaintiffs submitted their reply brief regarding both the Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Strike Class Allegations on December 15. Defendants submitted their reply in support of their Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Strike Class Allegations on January 14.

On September 12, the Honorable Judge Robert E. Blackburn issued an order denying Defendant’s Partial Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs’ Amended Complaint as Moot and Memorandum of Law. Judge Blackburn issued an order on September 21 granting Defendant’s Motion to Strike Allegations. Both of these are below.

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