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Due to the pandemic and the stay-home order, our office is closed, but CCDC remains open, feel free to call AT 303-839-1775 (VOICE) AND, PRESS #1 FOR ADVOCACY HELP, and please, leave us a message and our staff will get it immediately, or fill the Advocacy Request form at our website, for faster response time.

For more frequent updates, please follow us on Facebook, Mondays and Fridays you can see our Executive Director, Julie Reiskin Live at and if you want to get involved, we have an entire page dedicated to all the virtual events we are holding, find them at

You can also find information that is being updated several times per day about COVID-19 at

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) is the premier organization in Colorado advocating for disability rights. Our mission is to advocate for social justice for people with all types of disabilities (what we call a cross-disability). Members consist of people with disabilities and our non-disabled allies (coworkers, employers, family members, friends, and neighbors), all working together to support disability rights. Cross-disability means that we believe people with different types of disabilities have more in common than not and that we do best when we work together. We have the most power if all disability groups work together for a common good.

CCDC’s mission is to advocate for social justice for people with all types of disabilities. Our motto is “Nothing About Us Without Us.”

We accomplish our mission and live out our motto by changing systems. We use various strategies such as leadership development, grassroots organizing, individual and systemic advocacy, litigation, education, and voter engagement to advance our mission. We work within all three branches of government to achieve our goals.

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CCDC was founded in 1990 by a dedicated group of disability activists. We take pride that our initiatives have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars while benefiting our members. For over 25 years, we have been uniting people with all types of disabilities across Colorado by an organization that is run exclusively by people with disabilities.

From the very beginning, we have been a powerful voice advocating for basic civil and human rights for people with disabilities. Our work benefits all 500,000 disabled Colorado residents and their families and friends. We ensure implementation of the ADA and focus on issues of concern to our members and to those that benefit from our advocacy.

Some of those issues include: employment, disability rights, health care (particularly Medicaid), access to justice, transportation, and housing. We began with basic education about the ADA and now house our successful and unique legal program. We began with statewide healthcare hearings in the early 1990’s, and are now a central voice in healthcare policy for our community.

We have made numerous sustainable improvements regarding access in Colorado. Examples include the State Capitol, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Landmark Theaters, and the Regional Transportation District. We have improved the state Medicaid program, as well. Examples include but are not limited to: forcing the continuation of de-institutionalization programs, consumer-directed care, and Medicaid Buy-In allowing people with disabilities to have paid employment and keep necessary supports.

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