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Colorado Statewide Primary Election – Computer Assistance with Your Ballot

On June 30, Colorado will be holding a statewide primary election. The printed ballots for this election are scheduled to be mailed out on Monday, June 8. Starting on that day, any registered voter in Colorado who has a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (blindness qualifies) will be able to retrieve a ballot, mark the ballot online, print both the ballot and the ballot application, and sign the ballot application. The ballot and signed application are then mailed together to the voter’s county clerk or dropped off at an authorized dropbox or polling facility. You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone; access to the Internet; and a printer that can be reached from the computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You should point your browser to From this page, you can choose to vote a ballot or view your sample ballot. If you are an uncommitted voter (i.e., no party affiliation), you will be able to choose a Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian ballot.

  • To vote a ballot, you need to supply the following verification information:
    • Your first and last name,
    • Your date of birth,
    • Your county, and
    • Your State ID number or the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Immediately after you have been verified, the ballot is presented on screen. You can then mark the ballot and ensure that all of the choices are correct using your screen reader.
  • Once the ballot has been marked and verified, the system will prompt you to print both the ballot and a ballot application form. The application form will already have been filled out by the system prior to printing. You must sign the application in the blank area at the bottom of the application page. If you forget this important step, your ballot will be rejected. If you cannot see the print on the page at all, you can be assured that the bottom half of the application page is blank. This is where you can place your signature.
  • You should place both the ballot and the printed application in an envelope, write “Official Ballot enclosed” on the envelope beneath the delivery address, and return the envelope to your county clerk either at a dropbox, voter service and polling center or through the mail. It is important that you include the signed application with your ballot; this is the only way that your county clerk will be able to validate your ballot.
  • You can insert the ballot and ballot application into the return envelope that you received in the mail as a part of the regular ballot mailing process, but if you do this, you must be sure to sign your name on the left side of the back of the ballot return envelope.
  • You can visit the website to update your voter registration information; this information needs to be current in order to access the online ballot marking system. You can also visit this website to find the nearest voter service and polling center and dropbox or to check on the status of your ballot.

Finally, if you want to know how to get in touch with your county clerk, you can download a PDF file containing the complete Roster of County Clerks and Recorders at this link:

This file is accessible to screen reading technology for the blind.

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