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CALL TO ACTION: We Need 12% FMAP (Federal Medicaid Assistance Payment) Increase

Urgent Action Needed from You!

From Julie Reiskin, Executive Director


  • The FMAP formula is designed so that the Fed pays a lesser portion of Medicaid costs in states with higher per capita income relative to the national average.  Colorado until recently was a wealthier state.
  • FMAP rates have a statutory minimum of 50% and a maximum of 83%. For FY2019, regular FMAP rates range nationally from 50% – 76.39%, with Colorado at 50% and states like MS, WV, AL, KY, and NM at greater than 70%,
  • That means for every dollar of expense, the State of Colorado and the Fed each chip in 50 cents, despite how the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting our economy right now.  Colorado has tourism as a big part of our economy.
  • At the same time, Medicaid membership increases as our economy takes a downturn, creating even more expense for the State.

Federal Response:

  • The Federal Stimulus package did include a 6.2% increase in FMAP for all states.
  • Colorado and most other states asked for and received needed flexibility from the federal government to help us cope with the effects of the pandemic. THIS JUST ALLOWS US TO DO THE ACTIVITIES BELOW BUT DOES NOT GIVE US RESOURCES TO ACTUALLY DO THESE THINGS:  Some of our requests include:
    • Not kicking people off of Medicaid during the crisis
    • Relaxing prior authorization requirements so people do not risk not getting essential services
    • Increased funds for supports like cleaning and sanitizing in nursing facilities, dialysis centers, etc.
    • Paying retainer payments to programs that are essential for our most vulnerable but that cannot operate during the crisis like adult day care programs
    • Allowing paid time off for some direct care workers so they do not come work with vulnerable people when ill.


For Colorado to actually implement the most critical areas of flexibility requested, meet the needs of the Medicaid providers that include rural hospitals, personal care workers, people that provide direct support to those with cognitive disabilities, and other essential needs the FMAP needs to be at least 12%.   Therefore, we need our federally elected officials to actively fight for an increased FMAP in the next stimulus package currently in the work.  It must be at least 12%.  At the very least we need money that goes to the states to help with Medicaid costs.

This is NOT a partisan issue.  Medicaid Helps ALL of Colorado.   This could be a life and death issue for elderly and disabled Coloradans but will also affect many others including everyone who has either lost their job or has reduced hours.


Everyone should contact BOTH Senators and the Representative for YOUR area.  You should say that you want the package to include 12% FMAP or any other way to get money to state governments and why you care about Medicaid.  Include that you are a voter, and know and speak to many other voters!!    Share this request with others.

Colorado U.S. Senators


Colorado U. S. Representatives

  1. CD 1 Diana DeGette  Denver
  2. CD 2 Joe Neguse  Boulder to Ft. Collins and Eastern Mountains
  3. CD 3 Scott Tipton Entire Western Slope and Pueblo
  4. CD 4 Ken Buck Northern Colorado including Greeley
  5. CD 5 Doug Lamborn Colorado Springs to Salida
  6. CD 6  Jason Crow Aurora to Centennial
  7. CD 7 Ed Perlmutter  Most of Jefferson & Adams

Please get at least 5 other people to write –and ask them to do the same!

A map showing the congressional districts of Colorado.CD 1 Diana DeGette:  Denver  CD 2 Joe Neguse: Boulder to Ft. Collins and Eastern Mountains CD 3 Scott Tipton: Entire Western Slope and Pueblo CD 4 Ken Buck: Northern Colorado including Greeley CD 5 Doug Lamborn: Colorado Springs to Salida CD 6  Jason Crow: Aurora to Centennial CD 7 Ed Perlmutter: Most of Jefferson & Adams
Colorado Congressional Districts, 113th Congress

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