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Q & A from the HCPF and the Disability Community Webinar Series

The questions below are taken from the webinar series and have been answered by experts in the field. If you find an error or discrepancy, please email

Listed by Subject

  1. Administrative
  2. Eligibility
  3. LTSS (Long-term Services and Supports)
  4. Multiple Topics
  5. Non-HCPF questions
  6. State Plan

Administrative Questions

  1. What is HCPF doing about Fair Hearings?
    • Fair hearings are being done by telephone. If absolutely necessary, hearings can be done in person.
  2. Can we suspend timelines for hearings for people getting continued benefits?
  3. Can we still get expedited hearings?
    • Yes.
  4. Will in-person hearings be delayed?
    • Yes.
  5. Will appeal deadlines be relaxed?
    • Not at this time, but no clients can currently be removed from Medicaid until further notice.
  6. OAC is making us make motions for each case to attend the hearing by phone. Can HCPF create a policy stating all hearings are now done by phone?
    • OAC is moving all hearings to a telephone hearing. If a case is scheduled in-person, let OAC know.
  7. How do we help clients that do not have a fax or scanner get releases done when advocacy staff is also working from home?
    • If a client cannot get a release done, they should call OAC or send an email stating who they want to represent them. Clients can also be guided on how to use their phone as a scanner and can take pictures of their signature and ID. They can fill out what they can on the new fillable forms then email that plus their signature and ID to the advocate and OAC so that it is clear that the client intends for the advocate to represent them. (email to

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  1. If people on Medicaid Buy-in are laid off, will the 30-day requirement for finding a new job still be in effect?
  2. How is my recertification going to happen while we are under the Stay-at-home order?
    • Recertification will be done telephonically, and no terminations can happen during the emergency. (Operational Memo)
  3. Is flexibility regarding a redetermination, eligibility, etc., requested for the HCBS waiver only or all?
    • Everyone will be given flexibility in redetermination, eligibility, retaining benefits, etc., and not just those on a waiver.
  4. I am worried about the $2000 asset limit for Medicaid – mostly because I am spending less money since I can’t go anywhere? Is this going to kick me off?
    • The strict asset limit will not come under scrutiny during the state of emergency, and no one will be terminated during this time.
  5. Who do we call if someone is kicked off Medicaid after March 18?
    • HCPF’s answer was to first speak with the county. We can try to help if you email the information with an encrypted email. CCDC would suggest an immediate appeal if this cannot be solved in one business day with the county. Clients can email our eligibility and appeals coordinator at .
  6. Does the rule about keeping people on Medicaid apply nationwide?
    • No, only for states that take Medicaid program’s federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP).
  7. If we get a shelter in place order, how do I go take care of my son? Do I need some kind of documentation to prove I am his home health provider?
    • You will be allowed to do home care/personal care/CDASS visits. No letter will be required but letters were sent out to CDASS clients by the FMS agencies.

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LTSS (Long-term Services and Supports)

  1. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) released a ban on all “non-essential personal care” services which included massage parlors. I have a massage therapist that under HCBS is considered an essential service. How can she be certain she is not breaking the ban?
    • In-home services are allowed based on the guidance of the provider. Many might choose not to continue services such as massage.
  2. Does HCPF expect surge in CDASS enrollment??
    • Unsure at this time.
  3. My CDASS aides and I are out of the personal protective equipment. How do we get more?
  4. Is there”extra” money available to IHSS parent caregivers for children already on Children’s Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (CHCBS)CHCBS waiver?
    • Not at this time.
  5. “I lost my job and I am filing for unemployment. I am also the Family Caregiver for my son’s residential services. I know that they are tax-exempt, but how do I report this on the unemployment application?”
    • Your PASA should be able to help you with this. If you are a CDASS employee, Consumer Direct should be able to help.

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Multiple Topics

  1. Some host home providers are not allowing people to work. Can HCPF tell them people have a right to work?
    • All non-essential workers are furloughed now. Host home pay is for 24/7 care. They must provide safe structure while sheltering in place.
  2. With Medicaid transportation “canceled” can family members get mileage to take people to medical appointments?

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Non-HCPF questions

  1. Gov. Polis has announced that people can offer assistance and donations through However, there is no link for “I need help.” Most of us are down one or all of our home aides due to their potential exposure to COVID-19.
  2. Is there a community site (like Craigs List) where some can volunteer and others can ask for help from volunteers?
    • This is happening on NextDoor apps around the community.
  3. What can be done to help people of high risk avoid having to go out to the grocery stores, pharmacies, and other public spaces without having to pay delivery fees and additional costs?
    • HCPF is allowing NMT to be used for errands. IN the metro area Access-A-Ride is also being used to pick up groceries at specific stores. This is a free service from Access A Ride. (RTD Access-A-Ride)

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State Plan

  1. My daughter is not getting speech therapy because her small provider doesn’t know how to bill Medicaid for telehealth. Where can they go to get information and restore this benefit?
  2. Can we get more than a 1-month fill on my medication?
  3. What is the best way to access telemedicine for my medical care?
    • The DPHE has a good site explaining how to get the most out of telemedicine. Follow the link provided. (Telehealth and Nurselines)
  4. Can I use telemedicine for Non-Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)?
  5. What do I do if I cannot see my primary care provider?
  6. How do I know if a procedure is elective or not?
  7. What if I can’t reach my primary care physician to get refills of my medicine?

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