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Action Needed! We need you to write to the members of the Senate Finance Committee about SB 20-033

We need you to write to the members of the Senate Finance Committee about SB 20-033. This bill will allow people using the Medicaid Buy-In For Working Adults with Disabilities to keep working if they make it to age 65 and not be forced back into poverty.

Use this link is an easy way to reach all members of Senate Finance.

The text from our fact sheet is below. Please either tell your personal story OR tell them why as a voter, you think this is a good idea. You can also add your own Senator. After it gets out of committee, we will do a campaign for the whole Senate, but it does not hurt to reach out now. 

Please note that there were some changes in the first committee that makes this a better bill. HCPF found a federal authority that will let us use the federal match for clients over age 65, so the bill tells HCPF to change their state plan and use this new authority. 

The bill passed out of Senate Health and Human Services unanimously and now is going to Senate Finance. If you already responded to this campaign, please do so again as the message goes to different people. 

Here is the message that you can use or modify:


LineYou will soon be hearing SB 20-033  that will enable people with disabilities that have used the Medicaid Buy-In for Working Adults with Disabilities to be allowed to continue in the program if they live until age 65 and want or need to continue working. This bill passed out of Senate HHS unanimously


The Medicaid Buy-In for Working Adults with Disabilities (Buy-In) has been a path out of poverty for people with disabilities since 2014. By allowing people who have a disability and a job to buy into Medicaid and, if needed, long-term services and supports, individuals can earn up to 450% of the Federal Poverty Level while only counting 50% of their earned income. Best of all, there is no asset test. ALL OTHER paths into Medicaid for people with disabilities carry a $2000 asset limit and strict earnings limits.   For those needing daily assistance to stay alive, independent, and productive, the Buy-In program is the only insurance program that meets their needs. There is no other federal program or private insurance option that provides long-term services and supports, which allow the freedom to earn a living.

Two federal authorities are allowing Medicaid Buy-In Programs for the disabled. The federal authority Colorado used that created this program limits it to people between the ages of 16-65. When we created our state program, there was no federal authority to allow people to stay in the program past age 65. Happily, that has changed. This bill will require the State Medicaid Agency (HCPF) to seek the alternative federal authority for employed people with disabilities over age 65.

If we do not pass this bill, we will continue the current situation, which is If a person with a disability lives past the age of 65, to keep the daily living services they need to function – like personal care or wheelchairs – they must qualify for standard Medicaid. This means meeting a strict asset test and earnings limits. To do this, they must impoverish themselves or lose these supports. Individuals have to get rid of any savings and assets accumulated during working years and either stop or dramatically reduce employment.  

In addition to this being patently unfair, other problems include:

  • Retirement is not until age 67 at the earliest.   
  • Most people today work well into their 70’s
  • With housing costs rising, many will not be able to keep their home. The result of ridding themselves of assets and reducing income is to need housing assistance – further crowding the – further crowding the minimal subsidized housing supply.
  • These problems discourage individuals from saving for retirement. 

People using the Medicaid Buy-In Option are generally people that need Medicaid no matter what, but this allows people to be employed and pay into the system. All clients over 65 will have Medicare as primary insurance. Medicaid will just cover services that Medicare does not cover, such as personal care and wheelchairs. This bill creates an equitable, common-sense policy. Please vote yes Green box with green checkmark on SB 20-033.  Line

Once it comes out of finance or if there is other news, you will get another email.

PLEASE remember to identify which districts you live in when you fill out the form!

If you have to look it up, that is OK. (Use this link to find your district.)Just remember to check those boxes so we can easily analyze this. Also, please share the link for this campaign with anyone who will support us!

In solidarity and with gratitude!!

Julie and the team at CCDC

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