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Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (Part 2)

CDASS: A Three-Part Series – Part 2

Read Part 1 here

Submitted by The Arc of Adams County, February 7, 2018

Part 2 of 3 in a mini-series about Consumer or Self Directed Care in Colorado’s Supported Living Services Waiver. It is meant to give you enough information to decide if you want to explore it further.

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy Finance is responsible for assuring the implementation of this Consumer Directed Option. They will be training Case Managers/Resource Coordinators to help individuals and families use the CDASS option. All training for CDASS is done through a contract with Consumer Direct of Colorado. 

Consumer Direct Colorado is also providing information sessions for people interested in learning more. Click here for more detail. If you cannot attend in person, you can join through any of the webinar sessions listed.

You can also call Consumer Direct at any time, (844) 381-4433 or

How does CDASS work?

How to define what I need?

You will define this with your Case Manager. What services do you use currently, how frequently and how many hours?

  • Personal Care
  • Homemaker
  • Enhanced Homemaker
  • Home Health Services

If you decide to use the CDASS option, you must attend specific training and will get more details. The training sessions are offered in several different ways – by telephone, in person, or online. Training can range from two (2) to four (4) hours.

What do I have to do?

You are responsible to:

  • Hire your staff
  • Hire and maintain at least 2 attendants (one can be a backup)
  • Train your staff
  • Approve staff timesheets
  • Keep spending within your approved allocation/budget

If you need help with CDASS, you can appoint a CDASS Authorized Representative – defined below.

How to hire my staff?

Consumer Direct will give you information about how to find & hire staff, how to support & supervise them, and how to terminate their employment if needed.

Family members who are attendants are individually limited to working 40 hours per week. Your non-family assistants can work over 40 hours but would require overtime pay.

How my staff gets paid?

You will have a Fiscal Management Service (FMS) who will be responsible for payroll and all related expenses.

Your FMS provider will tell you how to:

  • Use the FMS
  • Keep staff timesheets
  • How to submit timesheets

Your staff can decide if they want a direct check or if they prefer direct deposit. Once you choose which FMS provider you want to use, you will also receive training from them.

What does my Case Manager have to do?

  • Help you develop your Service Plan based on your needs
  • Assure you stay within your SLS plan limit except for your Health Maintenance Activities
  • Make sure you receive your training before starting CDASS
  • Visit with you to see how you are managing the CDASS option

Who can help me?

Case Manager or Resource Coordinator

This will be your current Case Manager or Resource Coordinator who helps you with your SLS plan.

Your Case Manager/Resource Coordinator still needs to receive training before they can actively help you.

*Do not call your Case Manager/Resource Coordinator yet – there will be an announcement in this mini-series after they have been trained.

CDASS Authorized Representative

(This is different than the current Authorized Representative in services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities).

If you want to direct these services and need help, you can have a CDASS Authorized Representative. This is a person who knows you well (for at least 2 years) and volunteers to:

  • Help you decide who you want to hire
  • Make sure the person you hire gets trained to help you
  • Help you supervise and support your staff

Consumer Direct of Colorado

Trains you and your CDASS Authorized Representative (if you
have one) on:

  • How to use CDASS and follow the rules of the program
  • Tips on how to find staff
  • Tips how to hire and fire staff
  • Help you with things you may not understand
  • How to set up a budget for using your funds
  • General questions and ongoing support for utilizing CDASS

Fiscal Management Service (FMS)

This is the payroll service for you and your employees. You can choose from three different agencies.

Participant-Directed Programs Specialists at the ColoradoDepartment of Health Care Policy & Finance

Specialists at the state provide policy support and guidance for all consumer-directed options in long-term services and support for people in all of the Colorado Waiver programs.

You will have access to a Training Coordinator and possibly a Peer Trainer* during training with Consumer Direct Colorado. You can call Consumer Direct Colorado at any time. However, we recommend you read the mini-series first and take advantage of
the CDASS information session.

*A Peer Trainer is someone who also uses the CDASS option for some of their services and can provide an insider prospective. They are a great resource.

This series of information is only to help you decide if you are interested in using a consumer-directed option. If you decide you want to use consumer direction or the CDASS option you must attend training.

Next week – Part 3: CDASS Is My Best Option, Now What Do I Do?

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