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Fact Sheet: #Vote4Medicaid- A public education project


Goal:  Create a groundswell of support for Medicaid in Colorado by providing clear useful messaging to a large diverse coalition.


  • Create and manage a steering committee of leaders to act as advisors throughout the project.
  • Recruit 250 organizations to sign up as a coalition member
  • Create and disseminate messaging for the coalition to use
  • Educating all statewide candidates on importance of Medicaid.


 FAQ/Talking Points for Coalition Member Recruitment

  • Why are you doing this? We represent a population for whom Medicaid is life and death.  Over the past couple of years it has become clear that many members of the public support what Medicaid does, but may not understand it.  Moreover, Medicaid is an important part of the Colorado economy, especially in rural Colorado.   We want to spread the word and get everyone on the same page about the importance of Medicaid.   This project is to help explain to everyone what Medicaid does, reach out to those who benefit from Medicaid directly and indirectly, and tie the importance of Medicaid to voting.  Our goal is to educate all Coloradans’ including statewide candidates and elected decision-makers about the importance of Medicaid to life and liberty.  We want Medicaid supported and understood by all elected leaders.
  • Not all of our clients are on Medicaid. Not all of your clients or members need to be on Medicaid for them to be affected by Medicaid.  Anyone that uses health care, anyone that may need long-term services at some point in their lives for themselves or their family is affected by Medicaid.   Medicaid is the only funder of long term services and supports so anyone that is not a billionaire might need Medicaid if they acquire a significant disability or illness.   Moreover, Medicaid has a significant effect on the Colorado economy so it is important to more than just the clients.
  • Is this connected to universal health care or Medicare for All? No, this is just about Medicaid.  While some of us might like Medicaid for all, others of us do not think this is the way to go.  This is about preserving the Medicaid we have right now.
  • What about all of the problems with Medicaid? Couldn’t it be more efficient?  Of course, it could be more efficient, but destroying the parts that work will not make it more efficient.  There are many groups and efforts that work to improve Medicaid in various ways, and many of the people involved with this campaign participate in those groups.  This project, however, is about supporting the value that Medicaid brings to Coloradans.
  • Is this only a disability thing? NO this is for everyone.
  • Then why is a disability organization running this? People with disabilities are the canaries in the coal mine of health care.  Because Medicaid is a life and death issue for people with significant disabilities it is the number one issue for some disability organizations.  CCDC has been working on Medicaid issues for more than 20 years. This is why CCDC took the lead on organizing this coalition, but we are clear the benefit of Medicaid goes far beyond disability.
  • Does this mean you want to oppose any sort of Medicaid reform? NO—there are common sense reforms that should be considered in any large program.   We ask that before major changes are proposed, that a thoughtful stakeholder process occur.
  • What will we be asked to do? You will be asked to sign up so that we can use your organization name, give us an approximate number of those you represent (clients, members, etc.), and use our social media messaging as possible.  We will be having a community discussion later in 2019 and then ramping up activity throughout 2020.    We will provide messaging to you to educate your clients about the importance of Medicaid as well as the importance of voting.  The message will be nonpartisan and vetted through experts to make sure that the message does not violate nonprofit regulations.  Nothing will go out without the whole coalition seeing it first.  Our collective goal is to have elected decision-makers who understand the importance of Medicaid.
  • Who will decide on the messages? A diverse steering committee vetted the messages here but ongoing message development to meet current needs continues. Check out  to see messaging developed to date.  If you want to have a role in this committee contact Julie Reiskin at
  • Do we need to contribute any money to participate? No there is not a buy-in amount to participate in the coalition. We ask that you share the message with your clients and resource how you share the agreed upon the message.
  • We are a 501c3 so we cannot do anything political. Actually, the law says you cannot do anything PARTISAN and cannot spend a certain amount of money lobbying without appropriate reporting.  This project is being run by a nonprofit and funded by nonprofit foundations.  All activities of this project are being vetted by experts to make sure nothing runs afoul of nonprofit regulations.


Any other questions are welcome.  Contact Julie Reiskin or Dawn Howard with any questions.  We can also arrange a speaker to come to your group and discuss this project.


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