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CCDC provides some individual advocacy to members experiencing problems that we are in the process of addressing on a systemic basis.  We provide this service to our members, but persons needing individual advocacy are welcome to become members.  We are not a service provider.

This document is intended to clarify what we can and cannot do as well as expectations.

Receiving Help from CCDC

If you want help with advocacy please call the main office.  You will be asked to describe your problem briefly and to fax or send any written documentation.  We will assign a non-attorney advocate to call you back as soon as we have the information.  We are not set up to deal with emergencies.  Areas that we most often help with include:

  • Medicaid issues of any type including home and community based services
  • Mental health issues
  • Problems with service providers
  • Problems with social services agencies
  • Some Social Security Administration problems but rarely initial benefits determinations (we will refer you to a good attorney for these issues and we will provide direct advocacy for people on Aid to the Needy Disabled or in a similar financial situation)
  • Helping people get a reasonable modification or accommodation under the ADA
  • Some guardianship issues
  • Education


If you receive benefits and have received a notice of termination it is imperative that you get us a copy of this notice immediately and let us know that there is a termination.  Your appeal rights could be jeopardized if you wait.

Please open and deal with your mail. If you cannot do this, find someone who will help you with this. We can rarely help you if the appeal period has expired.


To contact our Advocacy Coordinator or to learn about becoming a volunteer advocate please call:

Contact: Advocacy Coordinator
Direct Vocie Mail: 303-839-1775

Other Links:

Frequently Asked Questions about Advocacy


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