PRESS ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --Disability Organizations Urge Colorado’s Senators to Oppose Medicaid Cuts for Thousands of Citizens with Disabilities

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on June 19, 2017 - 4:12pm


For More Information:
Bob Lawhead, Policy Advisor, Colorado Developmental Disability Council: 720-541-4631


WHO: More than 80 Colorado disability organizations
WHAT: Statement advocating for a NO vote on the BCRA by Colorado’s Senators


Disability Organizations Urge Colorado’s Senators to Oppose Medicaid Cuts for Thousands of Citizens with Disabilities

June 29, 2017, Denver, Colorado: To date more than eighty disability organizations throughout Colorado have expressed their opposition to the federal health care bill now being considered, urging our Colorado Senators to vote NO on the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA).  This bill would decimate Colorado’s Medicaid program used by people with disabilities to maintain health and remain independent.  The statement and signers appear below and may be viewed at:

·         Vote no on the BCRA or any bill that caps or cuts Medicaid or cuts healthcare and long term care for people with disabilities.[i]

·         Make the Senate BCRA process transparent. With so many people affected we need hearings and a bipartisan solution.


  • ·       In Colorado, over 60% of Medicaid recipients are people with disabilities, elders or children according to the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation.[ii]
  • ·      The BCRA would decimate Medicaid — it would lead to $772 billion in cuts over the next decade, followed by steeper cuts.[iii]
  • ·      According to the non-partisan Colorado Health Institute this translates to a $13 billion cut in our state revenue, with a $315 million cut during the first year.[iv]
  • ·      Colorado’s TABOR amendment makes raising revenue to cover cuts untenable.  In response, Colorado’s General Assembly will have no choice but to reduce services, cut optional services, restrict eligibility, and increase waiting lists. 
  • ·      Colorado citizens with disabilities will be disproportionally harmed.  We make up about 7% of Medicaid participants but account for 27% the cost.[v]
  • ·      Medicaid home and community based services (HCBS) are at risk because they are optional and could be completely eliminated. HCBS provides assistance with eating, bathing, and dressing, as well as assistance with employment and community access.
  • ·      There is no “acceptable” cap on Medicaid: the goal of any cap is simply to cut Medicaid spending, harming people with disabilities.
  • ·      Caps don’t give states more flexibility.  They just give states less money, decimating necessary services for people with disabilities.
  • ·      Capping Medicaid for people with disabilities should not be part of the conversation about how to repeal and replace the ACA.  This would significantly change the bi-partisan funding formula in place since 1965, when the Medicaid program began.


The following are Colorado disability organizations that have signed-on to this statement:


  1. A Better Life, LLC
  2. ADAPT
  3. AdvocacyDenver
  4. All Friends
  5. Alliance Colorado
  6. Alpine Adult Day Care, LLC
  7. AOI Homecare
  8. Applied Behavior Consultants
  9. Arc of Adams County
  10. Arc of Aurora
  11. Arc of Colorado
  12. Arc of Jefferson, Clear Creek & Gilpin Counties
  13. Arc of Larimer County
  14. Arc of Mesa County
  15. Arc of Pikes Peak Region
  16. Arc of Pueblo
  17. Arc of Southwest Colorado
  18. Arc of Weld County
  19. Arc of West Central Colorado
  20. Arc Thrift Stores
  21. A Real Difference
  22. Ariel Clinical Services
  23. Ascendigo
  24. Association for Community Living
  25. Atlantis Community, Inc.
  26. Autism Society of Boulder County
  27. Autism Society of Colorado (ASC)
  28. Belk Model, LLC
  29. Bethesda Lutheran Communities
  30. Blue Peaks Developmental Services
  31. Bridging Family, LLC
  32. Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC)
  33. COLiaisons
  34. Colorado Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst (COAPSE)
  35. Colorado Center on Law and Policy (CCLP)
  36. Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC)
  37. Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council (CDDC)
  38. CommonWorks
  39. Community Connections, Inc.
  40. Community Link, Inc.
  41. Community Services & Supports
  42. Dirt Coffee Bar
  43. Disability Law Colorado (DLC)
  44. Durable Life Skills, Inc.
  45. Eastern Colorado Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.
  46. Evergreen Service Providers
  47. Garden, Inc.
  48. Greeley Center for Independence, Inc.
  49. Hearts and Hands Work Enrichment
  50. Imagine!
  51. Individual Dynamics
  52. Interaction Resources
  53. Jewish Family Service of Colorado
  54. JJN Home Health Agency, Inc.
  55. JRT Services
  56. Laradon: Developmental Disability & Special Needs Services
  57. Mosaic of Colorado
  58. National Federation of the Blind of Colorado (NFBCO)
  59. North Metro Community Services, Inc
  60. Oliver Behavioral Consultants
  61. Parents of Adults with Disabilities - Colorado (PADCO)
  62. Parent to Parent of Colorado (P2P-CO)
  63. Parker Personal Care Homes
  64. Personal Assistance Services of Colorado (PASCO)
  65. Plateau Support Services
  66. Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center
  67. Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (RMDSA)
  68. Rocky Mountain Human Services
  69. Sample Supports
  70. Schaefer Enterprises, Inc.
  71. Six Points Evaluation and Training, Inc.
  72. Smith Street, LLC
  73. Sibling Tree
  74. SJR, Inc.
  75. Southeastern Developmental Services
  76. Southern Colorado Developmental Disabilities Services
  77. Southwest Center for Independent Living
  78. Starpoint
  79. Support Management
  80. The Independence Center
  81. The Sidewalk Center, LLC
  82. Thrive Community Options
  83. Visions for Independent Living, Inc.




A U.S. Senate vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) has been proposed for early July, 2017.



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Cost Estimate for the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.  Congressional Budget Office.  June 26, 2017.  Accessed June 27, 2017 at:



AHCA Effects on Medicaid, Colorado Health Institute.  March 16, 2017.  Accessed June 15, 2017 at: (figures extrapolated based upon a comparison of CBO-reported BCRA Medicaid total reduction to CBO-reported AHCA Medicaid total reduction figures).



Putting Colorado’s Health First: 2015-16 Annual Report. Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.  Accessed June 19, 2017 at:



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