Jaime Lewis

Submitted by Anonymous on August 14, 2011 - 2:47am
Community Liaison

Jaime was a pioneer sportsman in the early 1980's. He completed and won a 62 mile ultra marathon before people recognized the new sport. Between 1998-2001 Jaime served as a city council person and Mayor for the City of Salida, Colorado.Jaime is currently the Vice President of Very Special Arts (VSA of Colorado), a non-profit that promotes and displays art for disabled artists.Jaime recently was certified as a Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church. He serves at churches in the Denver Metro area. Jaime gained notoriety by showing up to run a relay leg in the Colfax Marathon in Summer, 2006. When his teammates did not show, Jaime ran the entire 26 miles himself!

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Photo of Jaime
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