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Community First Choice
Section 1915(k)

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What is CFC?

• Part of Affordable Care Act (Section 2401)
• Medicaid State Plan Option
• Home and Community Based Services
• Person-Centered, Self-Directed Care
• Agencies, IHSS, & Consumer Directed
• Covers ADL’s, IADL’s, health-related tasks
• Can include Transitional Services to deinstitutionalize people

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Why CFC?

• 6% increased FMAP
• Eliminates waitlists for HCBS (not waivers)
• Statewide, cross-disability
• Multiple service delivery options
• Can incorporate existing programs
• No in-home rule, care provided where you need it (as long as that is not a hospital or institution)

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Why CFC? cont’d

• Institutional level of care required regardless of income
• Yearly re-certs can be permanently waived
• CFC does not impact other long-term services under state plan or waivers
• Not required to be cost neutral in terms of community versus nursing facility costs

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What is missing in CFC

• Definition of “setting”, Section 441.530
– Proposed definition of “home and community”
– CMS accepting comments until July 2, 2012, final definition likely in early 2013
– States directed to used proposed definition, will have grace period if changes are made
– Doesn’t include: nursing homes, institutions for mental disease, or intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded
– Softened language on group homes, assisted living facilities, and combination facilities

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How do we get CFC in CO?

• Form a Development and Implementation Council, a majority of which must be people with disabilities, elderly, and their representatives
• Find interested Legislators and work on bill to amend the Colorado Medicaid State Plan benefits
• Develop a State Plan Amendment (SPA) with HCPF to submit to CMS

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• CFC offers
– HCBS services to more people who need them
– More money from the Fed’s
– More person-centered care
– Another means to get people out of institutions
• Definition of “home and community” is critical
• We need input from a variety of people, interested in actively taking part in advancing Colorado’s Long-Term Care
– Contact Dawn Russel:
– Read the regulations:

Prepared by Denver Adapt

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