Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition 2013 Annual Report


Photo of Colorado DVR Director Joelle Brouner and Julie Reiskin


Photo of Colorado DVR Director Joelle Brouner and Julie Reiskin.


CCDC'S 2013 Annual Report and First Newsletter (this century).

A note from CCDC Executive Director Julie Reiskin:

CCDC is pleased to welcome you to our first newsletter this century. Many years ago

we had a newsletter and people loved it. As with everything at CCDC, our members

are most important and we want to hear what you think. This report gives you a

glimpse into the terrific work done by our many volunteers, staff and board but you

should always feel free to visit our webpage and

Facebook We thought we should start out by providing

you a picture of what we did last year, so you know what we are trying to top this year.

If you do not wish to receive our quarterly newsletter, please indicate it by

unsubscribing through the link below.

CCDC continues to advocate for social justice for people with all types of disabilities

and with your continued support we will all continue to achieve victories in the fight for

inclusion and independence.

Best Wishes,

Julie Reiskin


What We Accomplished Last Year – THE NUMBERS!

CCDC advocates for social justice for people with all types of disabilities and with your

support we continue to succeed.

People with Disabilities provided with advocacy services: 460

Issues resolved for people with disabilities: 518

Hours spent by legal program fighting for equal justice: Over 4,000

New Advocates trained: 17

Advocates in advanced training: 04

Trainings regarding disabilities for service providers: 17

 Seats on decision making bodies held by CCDC members: 57


CCDC volunteer advocates make the voice of people with disabilities heard in

Colorado. Here are some examples from 2013.

#1 In 2013, CCDC supported HCPF funding in the legislature for staff to improve their

ability to work with stakeholders. We have facilitated and led a monthly meeting with

HCPF leadership to address the many stakeholder related issues that continue to

arise. CCDC has recently proposed to HCPF that we assist with cultural competency

training and believe that working in this arena will be something that must continue

throughout 2014.

#2 Health Care Reform: In 2013, CCDC has accomplished the following:

a) CCDC has had a leadership role on the Community First Choice Council, which

is the group that is assessing and will implement the long term care reform options that

are available through the Affordable Care Act.

b) CCDC provided consultation to the exchange and to other advocates working on

the exchange on accessibility guidelines for web design and customer service issues,

as well as on marketing materials.

c) CCDC continues to push for health care for direct care workers who assist

those with disabilities, particularly those employed by the Consumer Directed


d) CCDC arranged training for advocates and leaders in the disability community on

the Affordable Care Act.

e) CCDC has been active in the dual eligible demonstration, also a component of

health care reform.


continues to take a lead on assuring that RCCOs can provide

disability culturally competent services. CCDC has contracts with both Rocky

Mountain Health Plans and Colorado Access. CCDC recently convened a coalition

where we invited all disability advocacy groups to come together to develop a priorities.

for working with RCCOs and agreed that CCDC should be the lead to seek a way to

provide our expertise to the RCCOs to ensure disability competence and to assist the

new providers with compliance with accessibility.

#4 CCDC led a movement to push for disability representation on the Medical Services

Board. As a result CCDC Member and well known disability rights attorney Tim Fox

was appointed. Also appointed was Christy Blakely, a wellknown

parent advocate.

#5 In coalition with the JBC and others, we worked to achieve an 8.2% increase for

direct care workers.

#6 Continuing our leadership role on the PDPPC (Participant Directed Programs Policy

Collaborative), we have now gotten CDASS expanded into one more waiver with plans

to expand to one more in 2014. This has been a significant amount of work.

#7 CCDC took the lead in helping the InHome

Support Services Agencies identify a

list of concerns and bring those concerns to the state and PDPPC for resolution.

CCDC also worked with DORA during the sunset review process to identify

improvements needed in IHSS.

#8 CCDC acted as a lead agency in a coalition that responded to a change HCPF

made when they implemented a pediatric acuity assessment tool to determine how

much home health care children could receive. This tool was poorly planned and has a

22% error rate which resulted in 300 severely disabled children losing home care

hours. Approximately 100 of those children appealed and almost all of them had their

cases restored. We represented a number of families in appeals and coordinated

among other advocacy organizations to ensure each family had someone to help them.

As a result of our relentless advocacy HCPF convened a workgroup that included

parents and revised the tool.


Who Helped CCDC Last Year


Foundational Support –

The Anna and John J. Sie Foundation; The Anschutz Foundation; The Association of

University Centers on Disabilities; The Caring for Colorado Foundation, The Colorado

Bar Foundation; The Colorado Health Foundation; The Colorado Trust; The Denver

Foundation; The Harold and Marion Gordon Foundation; The Jay and Rose Phillips

Family Foundation of Colorado; The Konrad Family Foundation; The Rose Community


Corporate/Nonprofit Support

Premiere Level Sponsors: Anthem Colorado, Colorado Access; Rocky Mountain

Health Plans Accountable Care Collaborative.

Advocate Level Sponsors: Ability Connection Colorado; The Arc of Colorado; Arc Thrift Stores; Civil Rights

Education and Enforcement Center; JFK Partners; The Legal Center for People with

Disabilities and Older People; NuMotion; PhRMA; Public Consulting Group, Inc.;

Rocky Mountain Human Services; USA Mobility Inc.

Ally Level Sponsors: Acierno and Company; Aspen Seating; Avocet Communications; Herminio’s Masonry

Inc.; The Independence Center.

Individual Donors of Distinction

Ann and Chuck Gross; Marlene Murillo and Alberto MurilloGonzalez.

*In compliance with best practices, CCDC does not disclose the names of individual

donors as a matter of agency policy, unless the donor specifically requests it.



If you would like to donate to CCDC please

follow this link to donate through ColoradoGives:

Or contact Research and Development Director

Jerry Frangas at

or 3038391775

for other options.



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