The Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) is a service delivery mechanism that currently allows people with certain waivers to receive long-term home health, personal care, and homemaker services without having to go through an agency. Clients on Medicaid choosing this option receive training and are able to hire their own workers using a fiscal management service (FMS). Clients unable to manage all aspects of self-direction can get an authorized representative to volunteer to manage the services on his or her behalf. CDASS clients are assessed by a case manager and the assessment creates a dollar amount available to be used for purchasing care each month, called an allocation. Clients have budget authority, meaning the client must figure out how much to pay each worker within their budget. The actual funds go through the FMS and the FMS pays workers based on timesheets submitted by workers and approved by clients. Many clients like CDASS because workers do not have to be certified and clients can pay a higher rate by using fewer hours. Clients also like to be able to train the workers. Another option for clients unable to manage all of his or her services is the In Home Support Services or IHSS program. IHSS is agency based services but they do allow clients to have more control than traditional agencies. IHSS clients can hire their own workers, set their own schedule, and participate in training.