CDASS and the FMS Transition DOCUMENTS

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The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) is making changes to Financial Management Services (FMS) for CDASS clients.  EffectiveJanuary 1, 2015, CDASS clients will have a choice between three FMS vendors and two employer models: Agency with Choice (AwC) and Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA).

Additionally, the Department will contract with a CDASS Training and Operations vendor to provide training and customer service support for participant-directed service delivery models available within Colorado. The Department anticipates the Training and Operations vendor to be selected by November 1, at which point more information will be released.


The three FMS contractors are as follows:

ACES$ Financial Management Services:


Morning Star Financial Services

Public Partnerships, LLC

CDASS Clients wanting information about health insurance options and ACA requirements can contact any of the FMS organizations:




Morning Star Financial:



Public Partnerships, LLC:



This contact information is also available on the Department’s website at the Participant-Directed Programs Web Page.


The CDASS training and operational support will be provided by a separate Training and Operations vendor (more information is forthcoming).


Please view attached documents for communications to CDASS clients and Single Entry Point case management regarding this change.  You can also find them under “FMS Transition Documents” on the Participant-Directed Programs Web Page on the Department website.

CMA Transition Form (Click to view/download)

Client Selection Form (Click to view/download)

FEA and AWC Comparison Chart Columns (Click to view/download)

* Client Transition Memo (Click to view/download)



For more information, contact Kelly Jepson at or 303.866.5365.

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