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NEW RTD Complaint Procedures

What we have posted below stems from an agreement that was reached as a result of the settlement in 2014. Since that time, RTD has hired an ADA Coordinator. According to the regulations and RTD/s website,, the person to contact with ADA or disability-related complaints is: 

Edward Neuberg

RTD ADA Office

Attention: ADA Compliance Manager

1600 Blake Street

Denver, Colorado 80202


CCDC strongly recommends that you send email. Doing so ensures that you have a copy of any complaint you have made. If you fill out the online form, there is no guarantee that you will have a copu of the complaint that you made. You are welcome to copy to help us monitor complaints and RTD responses if you wish. 


The below is prior information related to the lawsuit against RTD's bus system:

To all fixed route RTD passengers who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices:


Recently, RTD and CCDC agreed to policy changes designed to ensure passengers who use mobility devices have access to wheelchair securement areas on fixed route buses. These changes are intended to ensure RTD gets accurate information, the complaint is investigated properly, and you know what the resolution of the complaint is.


People who use mobility devices have been denied access to wheelchair securement areas because people with large objects and strollers have occupied those areas and have had no place to move when a passenger using a mobility device needs to board. The result is you are left on the sidewalk outside the bus, refused the ability to board, and forced to wait for another bus.  RTD and CCDC have developed this new policy to address this issue.


If for any reason you are refused access to an RTD fixed route bus, e.g., driver says the bus is full, there is a broken wheelchair lift, passengers who use wheelchairs already occupy the securement areas, you must file a complaint within 24 hours after the incident. If you don’t, important evidence may be lost, and RTD’s service with respective making securement areas available to passengers who use mobility devices will not improve.

Below you can download a Complaint Procedures Checklist that will help ensure that you have followed all the steps provided on this page. 


To be absolutely certain that your complaint is investigated properly, under the new policy, follow these steps:

1.     The driver is required to provide you with a form called an “ADA PAX Pass-Up Form.” This form provides critical information you will need to file your complaint and have it investigated and resolved properly. This form should look like this:

ADA PAX Pass-Up Form

This form is also available to download in PDF format below. If the driver does not offer you this form, make sure to ask for it. Fill out every piece of information you can. If you have questions, e.g., “What is the block Number,” ask the driver while you are in the process of exiting the bus. If you have further questions, contact CCDC.

2.     There are three ways to file a complaint with RTD. CCDC strongly recommends you submit your complaint by email. See option b below. Please copy our legal program assistant at on the email, because there is no way to keep a copy or record of what you provide to RTD in a phone call or using the online form.

     a.     Email- (RTD is transitioning away from

     b.     Customer Service Complaint Phone Line- (303)299-6000

     c.      Online Customer Comment Form.

3.     Content of Complaint (most of this information should be provided on the ADA PAX Pass-Up Form, if not, be certain to get this information before leaving. The driver must provide it if asked.)

     a.     Your contact information.

     b.     Date and time (giving accurate times is critical to successful resolution of your complaint)

     c.      Location (for example, Colfax at Logan).

     d.     Route number and direction (for example, Route 15L, Westbound).

     e.     Bus number (located inside the bus in front of bus in upper right hand corner).

     f.       Driver ID Number

     g.      Description of complaint. Be as specific as possible. (e.g., “driver told me there were two people in wheelchairs in the securement areas. From what I could see, it looked like there was a passenger with a stroller on the right hand side of the bus.”)

     h.     Ask that RTD retrieve and make available any recordings of the incident. File your complaint within 24 hours of when it occurred because RTD’s recording devices begin recording over as soon as 2.5 days.  If you wait any longer, the video may no longer exist. Videos are usually the best way to determine if the driver followed the policy.

     i.       Ask for the Investigation Checklist. This is critical to a successful resolution of your complaint. This is a new form RTD is using as a result of our agreement.  This form is designed to track what happened with a particular complaint from start to finish. 

4.     When you receive the Investigation Checklist, send us a copy as soon as possible. CCDC has 14 days after you receive the Investigation Checklist to address the issue with RTD. If you do not receive the investigation checklist within one week, contact the CCDC legal program assistant and let us know. 

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