CCDC Supports SB15-011

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January 28, 2015


To Whom It May Concern:


The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, the largest disability rights organization in Colorado run by and for people with all types of disabilities supports SB 15-011.   We believe that the Spinal Cord Injury Waiver Program should be continued and hope to see complimentary integrative therapies made available to others with disabilities as cost effectiveness and improved health outcomes are demonstrated.


CCDC hopes that enrollment will grow with changes in this bill and feels strongly that the provider model must change to allow any willing provider to participate in the program.   We believe that the Department supports this change and applaud the current department staff for working with the Chanda Plan Foundation to remedy some of the problems that were imposed on the program when it started—such as limiting who could provide services and not allowing people to enroll any time there was an opening.


We believe that for people with disabilities to have the best health outcomes maximum choice about health alternatives must be provided. SB 15-011 moves in that direction.


CCDC also believes that people in this waiver (and all waiver programs) should be allowed to buy into Medicaid so that they do not have to choose between employment and receiving these services that may in fact facilitate employment.   We understand that this is not in the current bill but could not let the opportunity go by without mentioning this irony.


SB 15-011 is a good bill and we hope you will support it.



Julie Reiskin, Executive Director




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