Programs of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

Programs of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition:  How can you get involved: Count the ways.  We are a voluntary organization and use volunteers in all of these areas:

  1. Training:  We provide training for people with disabilities and professionals.  We specialize in training on aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act particularly effective communication and implementation of new ADA regulations.
  2. Legal: Our legal program does access testing, monitoring and enforcement of the American’s with Disabilities Act.
  3. Legislative: We make sure we are at the Capitol and that the disability voice is heard on issues that affect our lives.
  4. Public Policy: We make sure that NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US is the law of the land—we participate in all policy groups at the statewide level that can affect people with disabilities.  We work in coalition with all other disability run advocacy organizations.  
  5. Individual Advocacy:  We have trained volunteers to help people with questions and services related to Medicaid - for example how to get on Medicaid, what to do if you are denied, etc.  We try to offer information and referral support on other issues such as questions or concerns about disability discrimination as resources allow.
  6. Contractual Services:  We provide contractual services to state and county agencies and providers to help them provide culturally competent services to the disability community.  We also provide training on a variety of disability related topics and assist with problem-solving complex cases.

We provide a six week advocacy class in partnership with DU for volunteers.  We also offer our advocacy training on a fee for service basis for individuals who want the training but do not want to volunteer.  We have an active board of directors that has several standing committees.  Board meetings are open to any member.  For more information on any aspect of CCDC or to make a donation call 303-839-1775.

March 2013

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