Only Opportunities Pass Us By or Making New Year’s Resolutions, 2018 –By Rolf Kotar

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on December 29, 2017 - 4:20pm


Spending my early years in mental lack, limitation and negativity, I had few incidents of upbeat experiences. Most people, especially us people with disabilities, believe the younger we are, the happier we’ll be. In America, we worship youth.  A significant disability came early for me. Yet, even in a nightmarish adolescence, I had a few, tiny glimpses of high affect pierce through dark skies and cold days. I worried so much, I was hospitalized when just 15 years old for ulcers in my colon.  As I’m a lifetime musician, I’ve always owned a recording of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s 59th Street Bridge song (Feelin’ Groovy). I walked a long distance to my high school and home after, sometimes, as the song lyrics go, “Just kickin’ down the cobblestones... Hello, lamppost, what you know in’, nice to see your flowers grow in’....” I would “bop” down the sidewalk, happy as can be.


While outdoors in a late-day rain shower, in the second to third section (27 to 40 years old)  of my life, I would characterize my affect as enjoying the precipitation as “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful” on infrequent occasions. The ongoing time became increasingly difficult. This wasn’t due to growing up with disabilities — which was taking place. I was an older student, being in starting at the main portion of undergraduate school when 23 years old. Traveling and living in different locations (cities and states), to finish at Antioch College, at Yellow Springs, Ohio took me nearly superhuman effort due to my psychiatric challenges. However, I was iron-forged confident in finishing my four-year degree, enduring the stress that created symptoms of classic states of unreality.  As I healed through years of treatment (individual and group counseling), I’ve put myself together and created a pleasant and sedate existence.


The end result of visualizing (creating mental imagery) to manifest a new life experience myself as a staff writer was for CCDC to hire me 22 years ago. My life since has been overwhelmingly positive. It seems true that while we can’t change our past, we can only make new decisions regarding our present and futures. If we really do have the power to choose life experience coming to each of us, why do we not access our power to change the present day and future? Experts (e.g. Deepak Chopra, MD, Bill Dyer, Werner Erhard) say we must take responsibility for the quality of or consciousness and the individual thoughts, feelings and believes that we hide from ourselves. Only then, can we muster, as Bill Dyer says, the “power of intention, and create the life we want.”



Us people with disabilities (even multiple disabilities), are no better citizens than others in needing comprehensive health insurance, housing help, and a living allowance. Our individual is consciousness (who we each are deep inside) thoughts, plans, dreams and all of our feelings are as unique as everyone else’s.  A contributing writer published in Scientific American Mind magazine, who was a practicing psychiatrist spoke of Behavior Activation Therapy with a patient he was treating. The two had long dialogues about doing what he enjoyed most in life. It turned out, he liked making toys for his caged, pet birds best of all.  First, he made a few trial runs on new ideas for items to sell.  One year later, his business had encompassed the entire earth!  We all have it in us to live a full, satisfying life.  We must be finished with procrastinating in directing ourselves to be passionate about the rich, satisfying experiences we wish to possess before we begin to complete our “bucket list.”  Most of all, it’s important to recognize that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.  It is paramount that you are cognizant you’re as deserving of arriving at your bliss as anyone else. 

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