Giving at the Holidays --by Rolf Kotar

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on December 23, 2016 - 2:38pm


It's Christmas and the beginning of the new year. You can’t turn on the television without seeing advertising, saying, ''Tis the Season for Sharing." It is written, "give and it shall be given." Yet those of us who celebrate the "gift of the magi" at the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition are giving all of ourselves to help our community of people with disabilities. We forgo high salaries and we take pride in our work, and continue to give energy to our friends in the community simply as it fulfills us with purpose. We are privileged to work in the best jobs at the finest nonprofit agency.

As a reader and possibly a member of the community of people with disabilities, would you consider partnering with us to further our civil rights of we people with disabilities in Colorado? Would you join us by making a cash donation to CCDC? Or would you prefer to join with other people, or even alone to further the rights of we people with disabilities by becoming a Member of CCDC? Membership in CCDC is free.  The choice is yours. However, please explore the idea and do something for our people with disabilities' progress, either for our rights, or for our position with our providers. No matter the size of your gift. It doesn't make a difference if you donate your time and effort somewhere instead of writing a check. The paramount idea is simply to give what you're able wherever appropriate to you.

It's most important that one gives part of themselves without expectation of receiving something in return, other than the “personal glow” from a selfless act and higher self-esteem. Charity can be defined this way - not creating a "business deal" with the Universe, but simply supplying something a fellow person with a disability needs. This behavior will help you to build your circle of acquaintances and friends. It will also help to solidify our community inside our boundaries and with adjoining groups. This is especially important as we fight for our civil rights as a community of people with differing disabilities. Also, we join with other groups for even more clout in making big changes.

An ongoing donation of money or time and effort to a concern of yours can be extremely rewarding and quite mentally stabilizing. Rather than thinking of a volunteer position either for CCDC or another location, a regular cash gift, e.g. monthly, donated online via  You can also consider community service and becoming a member of a board of directors or commission in donating your time could be of value to you and many others. One only has to look for these kind of opportunities as they are plentiful.

They say the best portion of ourselves is inside us. Please reach into your core self, reader. I'm certain you've much good to share. In giving, you'll simply increase the good you possess - not deplete it. And you'll increase your value to others and yourself.

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