An Invitation to Join our Community --By Dawn Howard and Angela Nevin

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on January 12, 2018 - 11:54am
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Community, a “group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society" (, 2018).” CCDC Advocates help others to learn about what does and doesn't work for people with disabilities, they change legislation, fight for fair housing, or demand RTD change its policies to meet the ADA.  A little over a week ago a group of us gathered for fried chicken, salad, and conversation. What did we discuss-- RTD, housing, and how to become more involved. We listened to infuriating stories of how individuals are treated and railed over the realization that even though education for children with disabilities has improved, serious problems still exist.

Through conversation and discussion, we realized that while we might attend meetings alone, we are members of an even larger group. As we start another year together, it is vital that we pause over a simple lunch to recognize that our group of individuals, working diligently to improve the lives of all people with disabilities in Colorado, is becoming a formidable team. 

This year my team and I will be asking a few simple questions:
  • Are you registered to vote?
  1. How do we make sure those around us are registered to vote?
  2. How can we guarantee that every registered voter gets out and votes?

Why is this the key message for 2018? Every single individual in Colorado needs to know that people with disabilities have power when we work together!  This November, in 2018, we must elect state and federal representatives on both sides of the aisle who are solidly Pro-Medicaid and Pro-Disability! With each person, working as a team, we will make this happen.

Do you want to become a part of this growing Community of Advocates set to make a difference? Get in touch with me: Dawn Howard, Community Organizer by phone (303-531-7333) or email (  Can't get ahold of me Contact Angela Nevin by phone (303-744-6503) or email (

We need you! We will train you!  Join us and make a difference!

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