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Advocacy at the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition takes a couple of different forms.  You can volunteer to be an Individual Advocate or a Systems Advocate – both offer the opportunity for you to make a direct impact in people’s lives.

Individual advocacy involves personal assistance to people with disabilities through answering questions about public benefits like Medicaid, problem-solving, filing appeals, and representing people in administrative court as a non-attorney advocate.

Systems advocates work to make change by getting involved with the legislative and rulemaking bodies, attending committees and meetings that establish the rules, regulations, and policies that affect all people with disabilities. By changing the system as a whole, you can alter the outcome for the individual.

Whether your interest lies with Individual or Systemic Advocacy, you start by enrolling in CCDCs Basic Advocacy Certification Training class. We offer this course three times a year.  The 8-week class meets one day a week for four hours on the beautiful DU campus.  Taught by professionals working in the disability community, these subject matter experts are eager to share their knowledge and experience. You can take the class in-person or online as a virtual student – both offer the best introductory advocacy class around.

You can register for the next session one of three ways:

      1. Download the Advocacy class application listed below. Complete the application and submit it to Angela Nevin at

      2. Call Angela Nevin or Dawn Howard at 


     and they will assist you with registration.
      3. Email Angela at,

       or Dawn at



If you have questions about how the Individual Advocacy Program works, please email Donna Sablan at, for systems advocacy email Dawn Howard at

On the links below, you can download the flyer and the fillable form:

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