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Background:  The Regional Transportation District for the Denver metro area provides transportation through bus, rail and para-transit.  To meet the growing needs of our population RTD has initiated aggressive expansion projects, has and will purchase new equipment, has changed and updated routes to meet these needs, and added new stations.


During these expansion projects, details that affect those with disabilities need to be addressed and approached proactively.  To help RTD identify accessibility issues we have developed the “RTD Design & Review Citizen Panel”.


Purpose:  The purpose of the panel will be to work closely with the various departments at RTD to review plans, policies and procedures, future purchases, site development, tackle existing barriers, issues etc., all to ensure RTD is serving the disabled community.  The panel will be made up of persons with experience in design, structure, accessibility and function.  The panel shall be diverse and inclusive to include members from the deaf and hard of hearing community, the blind, and those with physical and cognitive disabilities.  Panel members will also act as ambassadors to the communities they represent, informing them about the panel’s/RTD’s progress and concerns.  Those with background in reading blue prints, schematics, construction design, ADA, and transit rules will be preferred.


Commitment:  The commitment for a panel member will include

·        Attendance

·        Participation

·        Site visits

·        Articulate observation or position


FACILITATORS:  Jaime Lewis, the Liaison for the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition. RTD Liaison Ed Neuberg,  ADA Manager.



1.   Please fill out application by Clicking here. (It opens in a new window or tab)

2. Send attached any certificate(s) or completion of courses that match subject matter to 

3.    Application window will be open December 7th, 2015 and close on January 4th 2016.

4.    Applicants will be notified the week of January 11th. 

5. First meeting will be held January 20th, 5:30-7pm at 1600 Blake, Room T&D 80302

7.   For questions please call Jaime Lewis, 720-220-5735

8.    Term of volunteer service will be for one year.

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