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There is more out there than just facts and statistics. We have been finding crucial information, great articles, helpful suggestions (like how to keep your six-year-old engaged), inspirational writing, and ways to calm your fears.  This page has all of that and more. Check out what is found on these pages. If you have something you found or maybe even wrote and would like it considered, send it to us at

Critical! Caregivers of people with disabilities are exempt from the stay-at-home order.

Caregivers of people with disabilities, paid or unpaid, are exempt from the stay-at-home order. For Medicaid CDASS clients, the state is working on a letter we can give to our attendants. Once available, we will share it here. Workers should continue to provide services to clients as long as they are healthy and using proper precautions such as handwashing. How to Improvise PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in an Emergency

New! Updated on 3/28: Governor’s Community Engagement Update on COVID-19

In an effort to continue to provide an official update from the Governor’s office, follow the link to see the latest steps they are taking to respond to the Coronavirus threat.

For Coloradans Living Or Caring For People With Disabilities, Fears Over COVID-19 Run Much Deeper

An article byMarch 24, 2020, for CPR.

How to manage anxiety during a pandemic

An article for VOX by

Grocery Stores Dedicate Time for Those at Highest Risk

Several stores have dedicated time frames seniors, people with disabilities, pregnant women, and other vulnerable populations to shop and therefore minimize their risk.

Emergency Services for People with Disabilities 

The Denver Division of Disability Rights encourages you to take reasonable steps to prepare yourself and your home for emergencies, while also remaining calm. Read more for supply recommendations, emergency communication options, and more.


#operationASLStorytime is creating a virtual community for deaf kids. The link above will take you to a list of videos of sign language users reading children’s books. While books seem to be geared towards kids, CCDC has not reviewed all the books listed. Please ensure the appropriateness for your child.

Ed Department Offers More Special Education Guidance Amid COVID-19

As schools across the nation shutter in response to coronavirus, federal officials are giving educators additional insight on how to handle the needs of students with disabilities.

100 things to do while stuck inside due to a pandemic

What’s there to do while stuck indoors? USA Today has compiled 100 suggestions to help make your time quarantined as interesting – and perhaps even as productive – as possible.

Love in the Time of Corona — A MESSAGE FROM KEVIN JOHN FONG

Pandemics are powerful phenomena. One moment, life proceeds per usual routines, and the next, we find ourselves scrambling over toilet paper. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted our lives in every way and preventing transmission, while far from assured, appears to be straightforward. An equally daunting challenge, however, is about how we are going to interact with one another as this crisis unfolds.  Read more

Calming Ourselves and Building Our Power

To ensure better outcomes for our community during this unprecedented time, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition is being proactive, compassionate, and conscious in our response to COVID-19.

The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Busy and Learning if Their School Closes Due to Coronavirus

As millions of children are displaced from their schools due to the coronavirus, a sub-crisis has risen for American parents: What will the kids do all day? The widespread school closures have sent a ripple effect into parent communities as many scramble to find ways to smoothly transition kids into at-home life. It’s one thing to entertain them all day on the weekends. It’s another when you have seven days a week to fill for an indefinite period of time.

Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day

“We have a preemptive opportunity to save lives through the actions we take right now that we will not have in a few weeks. It is a public health imperative. It is also our responsibility as a community to act while we still have a choice and while our actions can have the greatest impact.” From an article written by Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH, the executive director of Ariadne Labs in Boston, MA.

Census 2020 & COVID-19

There are three ways to respond to the 2020 Census from the comfort of your own home – online, by phone or by returning the paper questionnaire.

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