2012 Volunteer Lobbyist Guidelines

The following are expectations of CCDC volunteer lobbyists:

1)      Communicate with lead lobbyist Sheryle Hutter before testifying on behalf of CCDC.

2)      Only testify on behalf of CCDC with express permission from Sheryle Hutter or Julie Reiskin.

3)      Communicate the CCDC position on all bills as outlined on our weekly tracking sheet.  If you are unsure of the position contact Julie or Sheryle immediately.

4)      If you believe that a CCDC position should be revisited contact Julie or Sheryle immediately.

5)      NEVER lie to a legislator—if you do not have information requested by a legislator figure out a way to get them the information in 24 hours.  If you need assistance ask Julie or Sheryle or Robin.

6)      Follow appropriate legislative protocol.

7)      Always show utmost respect to staff and legislators

8)      Do not make a deal with another group without getting approval.

9)      Read any bill before speaking about the bill.

The structure of CCDC with regards to legislative process is as follows:

Julie Reiskin, Executive Director is the sole individual who can determine if we are supporting, opposing or amending a bill.  All CCDC positions are part of the bill chart that is updated weekly.  Some bills have written position statements.  CCDC can and does change positions throughout the session if we get additional information or if a bill if amended.  Contact Julie at jreiskin@ccdconline.org

Sheryle Hutter is our lead volunteer lobbyist, she coordinates the volunteers at the Capitol and is our primary point person at the Capitol.  Sheryle will orient new people to protocol and will meet members there to give testimony.   Contact Sheryle at rockymtnmon2@aol.com

Robin Bolduc chairs the policy committee of the Board.  The board does not do direct legislative action but does take positions when brought to them by the policy committee.  If you have an item for the policy committee or believe that a CCDC position should be debated contact her at robinbolduc@msn.com

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