2010 Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) Annual Report

20 Years of Activism

CCDC Mission Statement:
To promote social justice and create systems change that benefits people with all types of disabilities.
CCDC is the leading Colorado disability rights organization that includes people with all types of disabilities (cross-disability) of all ages and is run by majority by people with disabilities. We have developed a reputation for empowering people with the most significant disabilities to advocate for themselves and for others in difficult situations. We combine individual and systemic advocacy as effective agents for change—helping individuals in intolerable situations while using these stories as examples to promote systemic change. We promote self-reliance and full participation of people with all types of disabilities through strategies including: organizing, advocacy, legal action, education, training/consulting, policy and legislation. We are viewed as a national model of how a disability rights organization can keep true to our grassroots mission while increasing the power of the disability community and gaining expertise on important policy matters.


Annual Report 2010

In this report:

  • About CCDC
  • CCDC Board Transition
  • Public Policy Updates
  • Training and Consulting
  • Advocacy Program
  • Legal Program
  • Community Engagement
  • 2010 Financial Charts
  • Contact Information


CCDC Board Transition

Picture of Joe Beaver

"I'm so proud of my fifteen years as a board member and seven years as Board President of CCDC. Through individual advocacy we have brought about systemic change - not only in Colorado but across the nation. The  undeniable evidence of our accomplishments lies in the appointment of our Executive Director, Julie Reiskin, to the Legal Services Board by President Obama. I could not be more proud! With my retirement from the board, I am passing the torch to a proven leader in the disability community - Lloyd Lewis. Lloyd adds a fundraising talent to the board that we haven't had in the past as well as governance and financial management capabilities. I look forward to supporting his efforts and continuing to serve CCDC as activist and staff member." ~ Joe Beaver


We thank Joe Beaver for his years of service as CCDC Board President. Joe has stepped down to direct his focus to disability activism and joins CCDC as staff accountant.


Several new CCDC board members have been elected in 2011, including new Board President Lloyd Lewis. Lloyd currently serves the disability community as President and CEO of ARC Thrift Stores and will bring fundraising and governance focus to the CCDC board.

Picture of Lloyd Lewis, incoming Board President
“I am honored to serve as Board President of the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition over the coming year, and honored to be following in the footsteps of Joe Beaver, who was an outstanding President and my predecessor. CCDC has an outstanding reputation in Colorado, as does its Executive Director, and I hope to assist Julie strengthen the financial position of CCDC to enable it do more programs and establish a solid base of funding to continue its very important work over the coming years.” Lloyd Lewis





Public Policy Updates 2010

MIG: we are actively involved in developing the Medicaid buy-in program and ensure the disability community is represented in all committees working on this program.
Application Assistance: we are working to co-create and implement a statewide application assistance program for disability determination or long-term care application processes.

Mental Health: we remain active in the mental health planning council and Medicaid mental health advisory committee to improve quality of care and health outcomes.

Developmental Disability: we are addressing abuses of due process in the DD system and in preventing the state from throwing children with these disabilities off of the Medicaid program.

CDASS: we continue to promote and preserve the CDASS program by assuring that clients have knowledge of their right to self direct, as well as work with the state to improve rules and policies and continue to monitor and call attention to state mismanagement issues.

Housing: due to our work, it is now clear to housing authorities that they must provide written notice and opportunities for informal hearings before taking adverse action against residents.


Picture of State Representative John Kefalas HD 52
“The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition is an important and effective statewide organization that empowers individuals and groups to be informed and fully engaged in the legislative process, which helps elected officials to better understand realities on the ground, resulting in sound public policy for the common good.” ~ Picture of State Representative John Kefalas HD 52




Training and Consulting Clients 2010

American Public Health Association

Colorado Access

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Denver Options

Independent Life Center

Kaiser Permanente Social Work

Medicaid Buy-In

National Council on State Legislatures

Office of Civil Rights for the US Department of Education

Pepsi Center

USDA Denver


Colorado Accesss Logo

“Colorado Access is committed to providing quality healthcare services to our members. We needed to improve our level of  understanding in serving individuals with disabilities, so contacted CCDC who customized a training specific to us and trained our employees in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our staff have increased their knowledge of the disability community and we are able to better serve our members.”



Advocacy Program 2010

CCDC conducted three Advocacy Training sessions (4-6 classes each) in 2010 and selected 14 new advocates. We are grateful for our trained, dedicated volunteer advocates, many of whom are prior clients. Our advocacy program provides assistance to people with disabilities in obtaining or maintaining necessary benefits and services, deal with quality of care problems, protect against discrimination and defend against retaliation. Our individual advocacy focus areas include: ADA violations, Benefits (AND, CDASS, CHP+, CICP, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI/SSDI), Fair Housing, Health Care, Mental Health and Education. CCDC is a fully inclusive organization and our clients span all age ranges, race, ethnicities, religion, sexual orientation and live throughout Colorado. We provided extensive advocacy to 307 clients with disabilities in 2010 (many of whom had multiple, complex cases). Types of disabilities below equal 307 clients.


Disability Type - Number of People Served
Multiple - 168
Physical - 59
Cognitive - 29
Psychiatric - 34
Sensory - 5
Other - 12

307 Total Clients Served

Total Clients Served Pie Chart PDF


“As a former client, in becoming a CCDC advocate, I learned more about OUR rights as whole people and the Laws that are poignant for all of us to use and live by.” Joseph, CCDC new advocate

For further information on our individual advocacy programs or on how to become an advocate, visit http://www.ccdconline.org/section/advocacy or call 303.839.1775.



Legal Program 2010

Kevin Williams, CCDC Legal Program Director, reports in December 2010, we finally reached a settlement for a Fair Housing Act case that began in 2006 and was scheduled for trial in January of 2011. We settled two “over-the-road” bus cases and one service animal case. We tried one case involving a woman with a developmental disability who was sterilized without informed consent - we lost at trial. Injunctive relief changes included: sign language interpreter policies, requirements to allow service animals, procedures to ensure reservation of accessible buses.

We filed new cases in the following areas:

  1. Wheelchair accommodations in the Denver County Jail system
  2. Deaf access to interpreter cases for: a women’s clinic, a police department, and a hospital
  3. Inaccessible hotel shuttles
  4. Inaccessible seating area in a remodeled restaurant
  5. Condo inaccessibility due to two weeks of elevator repair

Carrie Ann Lucas continued her work with our Center for the Rights of Parents with Disabilities (CRPD) representing low-income parents with disabilities in court proceedings, striving to keep families together.

We welcomed former legal program assistant, Andrew Montoya, back to Denver after he completed law school in Florida. He passed the bar exam and joined our staff as an attorney.


Photo of Andrew Montoya, Esquire
"CCDC is a well-run yet extremely eclectic organization that does great work in a great way with the help of great folks. I am privileged to work along side some of the best disability rights activists in the state, and learn from two of the best disability rights lawyers in the nation." Andrew Montoya, Esquire



For information about CCDC legal cases under investigation, open cases and completed cases, visit our website: http://www.ccdconline.org/section/legal.

The CCDC Legal Program enforces the ADA and other statutes that protect the civil rights of persons with disabilities. We are thankful for co-council collaborations and pro bono work provided in 2010 by Fox and Robertson, P.C., King and Greisen, P.C., University of Denver Strum School of Law and Dan Vigil, Esquire. Contact Briana McCarten for further information 303.839.1775.


Community Engagement 2010

CCDC participated in hosting a candidate forum for the gubernatorial race, outreach events, speaking engagements, and ADA celebration picnics in Denver, Ft. Morgan, Grand Junction and Sterling, providing information to several thousand people. We collaborated on bringing the thought-provoking exhibit ABC de la Discapacidad, from Latin America to Denver during the 2010 Biennial. In July 2010, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with our Annual CCDC Disability Awards Event held at the Central DPL event center, attracting 29 sponsors and honoring seven award winners for their efforts on behalf of the disability community. In December 2010, we convened our annual two day CCDC State Meeting, concluded by our Memorial Awards, honoring those who have passed away through the current work of those making positive strides.


2010 CCDC Disability Awards Winners

Barbara Yaeger - Outstanding Support for People with Disabilities
Colorado Center for the Blind - Excellence in Service
Denver Internal Medicine - Access to High Quality Health Care
John Kefalas - Legislator of the Year
Rachel Coles - Outstanding State Employee
Sophie Faust, Caring for Colorado Foundation - Non-Profit Inclusiveness
Suzanne Williams - Senator of the Year

2010 CCDC Memorial Awards Winners

Ann Marie Mokritsky-Martin - Jerry Urban "David and Goliath" Award
Danny Shields - Ron Halsey Award for Rural Activism
Hope Krause and Marjorie Plane - Kay McCanless Award for Community Building
Jaime Zimmenoff - Brady Goguen Award for Compassion
Jeanie Benfield - Jeannette Klimach and George Roberts "Foot Soldier" Award
John Case of Benson and Case - Peter Robertson Legal Award
Rochelle Larson - Dr. Lucile Weiss Award for Education
Serena Deal - Juli Stewart Award for Caregiver
Shannon Hershey Stephens - Patrick Zimmerman Young Person Award
Sheri Casper - Paul Bilzi Award for Access Efforts


2010 Financial Information

CCDC as a non-profit organization must raise all of our funds to support our programs, outreach, operations and overall costs. The recession hit us hard and we were forced to cut expenses, eliminate and reduce staff positions, and make do with limited resources all in an effort to focus on sustainability. Our budget is kept low and we raise our funds through diversified sources.

Income by Percentage

0.5 % Miscellaneous Income

0.5 % Memberships

8.0 % Corporate

9.0 % Donations

33 % Foundations

49% Earned Income

Percentage of Income PDF


Expenses by Percentage

1.0 % Memberships

2.0 % Meetings

2.0 % Other

5.0 % Fundraising

40 % Operations

50% Programs

Expenses by Percentage PDF


CCDC Staff List 2010

Julie Reiskin, Executive Director

Kevin Williams, Attorney, Director of Legal Program

Carrie Lucas, Attorney, Director of CRPD

Andrew Montoya, Attorney, Legal Program

Briana McCarten, Legal Program Assistant

Emily vonSwearingen, Director, Communications/Development

Jaime Lewis, Office Manager

Christina Worner, Executive Assistant, Technology Coordinator

Tom Carter, Receptionist

Dana Niemela, Legislative Intern

Rolf Kotar, Mental Health Liaison

Kelly Parker, Advocacy Coordinator

Anne-Marie Mokritsky-Martin, Lead Housing Advocate

Leslie Taylor, Lead Rural Advocate

Dick Lodmell, Statewide Organizer

Kristin Castor, Southern Colorado Coordinator

George O’Brien, Southern Colorado Bilingual Coordinator

Rochelle Larson, Western Slope Coordinator

Hope Krause, Morgan County Coordinator


Facebook Logo

CCDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit in good standing. Donations are fully tax deductible under current IRS guidelines. Donations are gladly accepted. Visit our website or call us for further information.

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC)
655 Broadway, Suite 775, Denver, CO 80203
303.839.1775 (voice), 303.839.1782 (fax)


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